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Clubs clash for charity on Busch

The cheers from Center Hall in the Busch Campus Center could be heard throughout the entire building Wednesday night, as over 200 students gathered to represent their student organizations in "Clash of the Clubs," an event pitting groups against one another to raise money for charity.

All the money raised was donated to the Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund, an organization that defends the basic civil rights of primarily Asian American immigrants, said Livingston College junior Jenn Chen, coordinator of the event.

Four members from each of six groups - Rutgers Association of Philippine Students, Vietnamese Student Association, Chinese Student Organization, Rutgers Cantonese Club, the Lambda Phi Epsilon fraternity, and the Alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority - represented their teams, earning points in four events putting student's singing, dancing, creativity, charisma and stomachs to the test.

"Clubs usually come together for galas and banquets, but not in this fun and competitive spirit," said Rutgers college senior Victor Liu, co-host of the event.

And clubs did clash, as each group shouted their names, sometimes screaming over the chants of other groups in support of their representatives at the front of the room.

The first challenge might have been called "charades," but with all six groups acting at the same time and teams yelling support from the audience, it was hardly that. Two representatives from each group took to the stage getting down on all fours, milking imaginary utters and using their fingers to represent horns or claws for another two representatives to guess "a cow eating hamburgers" and "an angry bear dancing."

The Taiwanese Student Association along with Pi Delta Psi Fraternity, co-hosts of the events, challenged students' singing ability and creativity as they gave groups 10 minutes to choreograph two minutes of a song, selected at random, and bonus points were given to those who actually sang the song as part of the challenge called "Making the Band."

The audience got louder as each group performed, screaming out individual performers' names and yelling, "Take it off," to others. Random bursts of "Kelly Clarkson" in the style of Steve Carell in the movie "40-Year-Old Virgin" could be heard, as one group performed "Since U Been Gone."

But the noise pinnacled when RAPS performed, as friends called out for "the shockwave." One male performer gave the crowd what they wanted as he began in a crouched down position with his hips shooting up quickly behind him followed by his arched back also rising up slowly while staring at the audience to the left of him the whole time, as the room exploded into laughter and cheers.

"I love my group," said RAPS President Jed Casrillo, a Rutgers College junior - something that may have played a factor in the energy and excitement they brought to the clash, he said.

The third challenge "Most Ballin' Organization" put the excitement to the test, as groups were given raffle tickets to sell to the audience within a time limit, with participants raffling off china night tickets and an iSplash - an iPod dock plus AM/FM radio that runs on batteries. Chaos erupted as group members ran into the seats urging friends and other members to buy raffle tickets.

The final challenge called "Concoction" took place as the scores were tallied and allowed groups to help their own presidents ... or get revenge on others'. Each organization's president put his or her stomach on the line as groups were allowed to donate differing amounts of money to contribute ingredients into a blender of which they would have to drink an entire cup.

Ingredients ranged from sugar at $1 to wasabi at $20, but included salad dressing, soy sauce, canned fruit, bananas and others.

After the bidding was over, some presidents felt fortunate. Castrillo said it wasn't too bad because he only had sugar and soy sauce, both others weren't as lucky.

"It felt awful," Liu said after drinking his concoction of wasabi, banana, soy sauce and salad dressing, as well as other various ingredients. "But it was worth it. We raised over $800."

Michael Huang

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