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We're just 'milking' it now

I consider myself a citizen of change — a free spirit looking for a peaceful agreement to everything plaguing the most narrow of minds. But as I become older (and wiser?), I seem to follow the simple advice of the most infamous philosophers while ignoring what seems to be the "conscious" approach to human nature. Still the best advice I have ever read in a book comes from that of my beloved Friedrich Nietzsche: "To predict the behavior of ordinary people in advance, you only have to assume that they will always try to escape a disagreeable situation with the smallest possible expenditure of intelligence." This seems to be the rule these days, no longer the exception.

This week, North Dakota passed an anti-abortion bill. Upon checking my Facebook, I saw people's outrage — "Two steps back N.D., thanks" — and I knew I had to figure out what was up. Upon investigation, it turns out that North Dakota successfully passed the bill that now allows for a fertilized egg to have all the rights of any other American citizen. Technically, the linguistics of the bill calls for just that. This means that there could never be another legal abortion in the state of North Dakota.

Any abortion would be deemed immediately as murder. The supporter of the bill, Rep. Dan Ruby, states that this bill is right in correlation with that of Roe v. Wade (the bill which legalized abortion). He acknowledges that the new N.D. bill states exactly when life begins and therefore falls under everything Roe v. Wade originally asked for.

Again, I checked my Facebook only to see the status of an angry and very close gay friend. His status included a link to an article citing gays as a "threat to America," which to many is seen as salt in the wound, as several gay rights bills seem to be failing left and right. The bill at hand would have given two same-sex individuals the right of inheritance and medical decision making for one another.

I'm going to put all my metaphors aside here and just ask one simple question: When did we all start playing God?

Haven't we all seen, through the discourse of human nature and its social history, that nothing gets solved in such a way? Karl Marx stated that in order for us to advance as a political entity we must first be willing to change our social and religious goals. We must be ready for a certain kind of profound revolution. Yet in the current condition we see the United States in, can't we all agree that it is extremely premature of us to be making such rash political notions of what it is to be a life and what it is to be a truly justified couple with rights most of Americans forget they even have? Why is it that some people, who may lead an unjustified and ugly life, deem it necessary to distinguish their roles as omniscient? Furthermore, who are you to judge the life that I live?

I went to a Catholic school all of my life, yet I find myself more open-minded than some. Several of the kids I graduated with are now gay, lesbian or bisexual. Regardless of nature, religion or culture I think we can all agree upon one simple thing: "Let he who is without sin cast the first stone." Regardless of if you think abortion is murder, regardless if you think gays dismember the beauty of marriage remember this: It is not your life and you are unaffected by other people's life decisions. Do what you think is good and so will others. If there is an infinite being such as this you will one day be judged and until then, you'll know you lived it well.

Nicole D'Amore is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in philosophy.

Nicole D'Amore

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