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Graduation consolidation robs Class of 2010 of experiences

How can this institution seek to attract students, as I was once attracted, with the profound traditions that Rutgers College has over the other schools present at the New Brunswick campus, only to simply — one year before our class does so — strip them from us two semesters beforehand?

The Class of 2010 is being robbed of the opportunity to experience the mental images to which I have imagined and anxiously looked forward. I am more than slightly disheartened. There was no adequate student input, only a carpet pulled out from underneath us. I have not talked to a single student who thinks this is a "good idea." As a current student of the Class of 2010, I am a bit more than displeased with the consolidation of the graduation ceremonies of the individual colleges.

Sixty-four percent of the current student body opposes this measure, as per a recent poll from The Daily Targum's website, and I would bet that 95 percent of the opinions of that 46 percent are those of my fellow classmates. The gates of Voorhees Mall apparently mean more to me than your administration. I am assuming the Class of 1956's gracious $100,000 donation was for a significant reason other than to simply polish a piece of metal.

Please reinstate our individual graduation ceremonies. The Class of 2010 deserves to participate in the traditions of their respective colleges.

I understand you are busy, but I do have one last point to note. Traditions — and I am talking about the ones that have been kept longer than the total of our lifetimes combined — will not be inadvertently disregarded, but actively erased, regardless of what the ink says on my diploma. Quite frankly, I feel left out and angry, but most of all ... duped.

Rory M. Shallis is a Rutgers College junior majoring in cell biology and neuroscience. He is also a member of the School of Arts and Sciences Honors Program.

Rory M. Shallis

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