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Lonegan has political wisdom

The conventional wisdom is that the overwhelming majority of college students will not vote for a conservative candidate. Gubernatorial candidate Steve Lonegan is an unabashed conservative. He wants to drastically cut the size of state government. Every politician says they want to streamline some bloated bureaucracy, but they never do it. The reason is our culture. We do believe in Santa Claus or more precisely Hollywood's happy ending, which we are inundated with from birth. A bumbling group of hobbits with the aid of wise Gandolf — bureaucracy — defeats the Dark Lord of Mordor. An unabashed conservative is one who understands our cultural mythos and has the courage to buck it.

The Republican primary is June 2. Go to for more information on the candidate and primary voting procedures.

Jim Spinosa is a resident from Boonton, N.J.

Jim Spinosa

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