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Addressing faculty diversity article

I am writing in response to an article entitled "Faculty diversity not on par with student demographics." First, I want to applaud your staff for writing about this important issue. It is good to know that our student journalists are so deeply engaged with the core issues related to University governance. Second, I want to thank the author for calling upon me to comment.

While I think that the author largely did a very professional job in her reporting, I was disturbed to see that I was misquoted in the text of the article. The problematic section is where the author wrote, "Tillery said half of graduate professors are women, but in terms of racial and ethnic diversity, the University could improve." My actual comment was that half of the students studying for Ph.D.s in the humanities and social sciences in America's top graduate schools are women, so it should be easier for the University to find women in the "pipeline" that University President Richard L. McCormick spoke of than racial and ethnic minorities. As the article is written, I appear to be grossly misinformed about the population of women faculty both on our campus — where women comprise about 33 percent of the faculty — and in American higher education in general. Moreover, the article makes me seem aloof to the important steps that McCormick, senior administrators and faculty colleagues are undertaking to ensure that women faculty are well represented on our campus. As a strong supporter of these efforts, I urge you to print this clarification in your letters to the editor section.

Alvin B. Tillery, Jr. is an assistant professor of political science.

Alvin B. Tillery

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