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Obama's socialist policies cripple America

The United States of America has come to a significant turning point, and what happens in this president's term, without any doubt, has the potential to change the very fiber of the land of the free. President Barack Obama's administration and Congress are stepping up their secular progressive efforts — government-owned corporations, government-owned health care, redistribution of wealth, increased taxes, more social programs, etc. — with the ultimate goal of terminating this capitalist society and establishing a socialistic state. They would like nothing more than to empower the government to coddle each and every one of its citizens from birth to death, taking away innate initiative and incentive to work. Those are definite. The only variable is the people; only you have the power to make sure this crippling end never comes about.On the note of socialism, there are actually known uber-leftists in places of power, and it's a mystery how they ever got there. Glenn Beck recently exposed the hidden truths of Obama's czars: advisers who are accountable to no one and are hand-chosen by the president. There are 16 of these unelected people who control trillions of taxpayer dollars, more than any previous president. Obama appointed many czars even though there are Senate-confirmed secretaries of the 15 cabinet departments that have the Constitutionally-approved powers to oversee these specific areas. For example, Nancy-Ann DeParle acts as Obama's "health czar," even though Kathleen Sebelius already serves as America's Health and Human Services secretary. Obama also has a "border czar" even though we have long had a secretary of homeland security. The secretaries are accountable for their actions, and there are checks and balances that keep the secretaries' power under control; there exists nothing to check the power of the czars. The president's "green jobs czar," Van Jones, is a self-described revolutionary and has the ear of the president. He, and others like him, pose a major threat to this country's capitalist foundation, and we as citizens can do nothing to remove him or any other czar because they hold no official office. This is absurd.

We can, however, remove our own elected representatives from office, and some of them we should. How is it possible that almost every single Democratic senator is in favor of H.R. 3200 — the bill that would create a government-owned, taxpayer-funded health care — while every Republican senator is resistant to it? It was my understanding that our congressmen and senators are obligated to represent the views of their constituents. Some legislators have held town-hall meetings as a forum for citizens to share their views on the bill. When the citizens did show up and voice with zealousness that they are vehemently opposed to it, the sanctimonious legislators chose blatantly to ignore their constituents' views in order to promote their own personal agendas. To be fair, there are probably some districts in which the majority of people approve of the health care bill, and those representatives are doing their jobs, as they should. But the problem is that there is a violent push to pass this bill quickly, which is a conspicuous indicator of major problems. At least some congressmen are stalling the bill so they might at least be able to read the whole thing. With respect to the bill itself, I've never seen something so clearly socialist in essence get so much attention. There are many issues associated with this health bill, but in a nutshell it's just steroids for already enormous government control of what should be left to free enterprise.

Here's the deal, readers. Our country is under siege. Our president, most of Congress and radical revolutionaries in high positions of power want to scrap our 220 year old Constitution, our backbone, our document of supreme law that the Founding Fathers so delicately, meticulously and perfectly crafted, for a secular progressive, neo-European-esque socialist doctrine. There has never been such a well-planned, cunning, coordinated attack on this country's values and history. If you value your liberty, your opportunity to pursue wealth and happiness and all your other rights guaranteed by the Constitution, you cannot be passive and you cannot be complacent. Whether you realize it or not, your freedoms and your way of life could vanish in the next half decade. You must spread the word to awaken the sleeping giant that is America's hard-working, conservative populace. As Robert H. Jackson said, "It is not the function of our Government to keep the citizen from falling into error; it is the function of the citizen to keep the Government from falling into error."


Jimmy Winters is a School of Engineering sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering.              

Jimmy Winters

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