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Rebuidling Twin Towers restores symbol of peace to country

One of the worst days in American history occurred eight years ago on Sept. 11. Two planes struck the World Trade Center, one plane hit the Pentagon and another plane crashed in Shanksville, Pa. Everyone has these images of this day stuck in their

memories; it is impossible to forget. As we look at what happened in eight years, Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaeda became household names for terrorism, a war in Iraq still rages on, and a country has moved on, with a wound not healed. Yet there is one place that is a constant reminder of the Sept. 11 attacks — the World Trade Center site.

A few years ago, the Port Authority and the Lower Manhattan Development Corporation had a contest to find a developer to rebuild the World Trade Center site, but they were abandoned; a new plan was created which includes four towers, one of them called Freedom Tower.

The Port Authority and Larry Silverstein, leaseholder and chief architect of the site, manage this tower, now called One World Trade Center, and they said that this tower would be built by 2012. It's 2009 and nothing is built.

If you go into the World Trade Center site, you see the tower in construction. News keeps coming out that the tower might be complete by 2017 — and the whole complex in 30 years — including factoring the abandonment of two of the towers for "retail stumps," a transit hub that keeps skyrocketing in price tag and a memorial that's generic and may have to charge people just to go in because of the high cost of maintenance. New York Gov. David Paterson wants Silverstein out of the project due to his inability to build the site and waste eight years of taxpayer money on the most sacred ground in America.

What does this result in? An example of how the elite can have their way by shoving a plan that no one wants (A poll on early this year showed that 90 percent of Americans are against the Freedom Tower)? An example of fear to the world (the base of One World Trade Center is a 100-foot slob of concrete past street level)? A tower/complex that has no meaning to the victims of Sept. 11 but for the elites who pushed for a plan that defines what is wrong with this country?

There is another plan that is growing in popularity with both the victims and American public, yet barely gets any recognition by the media. It's called "Twin Towers II" and the plan is basically a 21st century version of the iconic Twin Towers (façade, lobbies, entrance), which are taller, structurally sound, have one story higher than the original towers, and a price tag so low that it could be built in three years as opposed to 30 years. What makes this plan superior to the official plan is that it has two functions — office towers and a living, breathing memorial that is free of charge and have significant meaning. Rebuilding the Twin Towers would be restoring a symbol of

peace and tranquility, making Americans proud seeing the greatest towers back in the greatest city in the world, and most importantly a healing wound to Sept. 11 victims and a restoration of a symbol not just of New York, but of America. What makes this plan more interesting is that a University alumnus is helping to design this plan. Kenneth L. Gardner — with help from the late Herbert Belton, one of the original designers for the original Twin Towers — has a complete replica of what the new Twin Towers, the surrounding buildings, and the memorial will look like, and he is willing to show the public how superior this plan is architecturally and emotionally to the Silverstein/Port Authority plan. More information is available about this plan at, and

I am not affiliated with any of these organizations but I feel that the community should see this and decide what's right for the WTC site.


     Nelson Morales Jr. is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore.


Nelson Morales Jr.

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