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Students must keep city clean

 I am sending this letter to The Daily Targum to make the student community aware of an environment hazard that is caused when they throw their trash on the ground or leave the trash lying around on the properties. I am a city resident who lives near the college, and I would like to advise the college students that live in the area not to just throw their trash on the ground. While walking in the area, I have seen too many instances of students throwing trash in the road or on the sidewalk while walking and driving — not to mention the places where they live and all the trash that piles on the properties as well. It really looks like a depressed area. If the students want to live like this, they should go to any blighted area in any city and live there. I would think that a young person nowadays is well aware of the degradation of the environment, especially in this over-developed state. Students should be aware that every action that they do against the environment they live in has an effect, whether it be with the animals or leaving trash around in the street or road, which gets washed down the storm drains in the streets and eventually ends up in the ocean where you go to the beach in the summer time. I would like to tell the students stop trashing the city of New Brunswick! 

Adele Francescino

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