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Students need extended add/drop period

Former University Senator Candice Greaux's proposal to extend the add/drop period came as a pleasant surprise for me. Though I love the University enough to have come back for another degree, I do live in fear of how the "RU Screw" will affect my efforts to obtain an education. Miss Greaux's attempt to make things easier for students should be lauded.

Of course, any change to University protocol must be carefully considered before being passed. Naturally, any proposed change will have its pros and cons. But the ultimate decision should be based on a measure of how advantageous it will be for the students.

Students who register late for a class should already be doing so with an understanding that they will have to catch up on what they missed. This is true no matter the length of the add/drop period. On the other hand, students who feel they cannot utilize a class should be able to drop that class, and often that judgment cannot be made based on one or two lectures. The issue there does not necessarily lie with syllabi or class information, as Dean Matt Matsuda theorized. More often, the issue is actual interaction with the professor and judging whether his or her teaching style suits the student.

This sentiment is evidenced in the author's original article, "Former U. senator proposes add/drop period extension" in yesterday's issue of The Daily Targum, in her interviews with the more experienced students. Frankly, that sentiment should be encouraged. It shows that these students are proactive in their desire to learn. An extension to the add/drop period would enable students to better gauge the utility of their courses and would allow students to carefully consider their decisions rather than feel pressed for time.

Melissa Cram is School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior.

Melissa Cram

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