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Assembly surveys hundreds, prepares results for administrators

The student leaders of the Rutgers University Student Assembly began to prepare the results for the "What's on Your Mind Month" survey initiative for their next meeting, where they will present them to University Administrators.

"Every council did their own survey and they will be doing their own presentations in a town hall style meeting," Assembly Chair Werner Born said. "Ideally, the way it's going to work out is that people ask questions at the end of the presentations."

The surveys themselves have been up to the different councils to administer and distribute. The online survey is still available for students to take on RUSA's home page at the bottom of the Web site under "News."

"Every council has been targeting their own areas, [so] hopefully we will see very specific data. There is a much more general survey online but I know the councils have localized their surveys a bit," said Born, a School of Engineering senior. "[The] survey is pretty general. We didn't want to narrow it down to specific questions."

The way the surveys were distributed varies by council. Some decided to send their own surveys and gather them for next week's meeting, and some will continue to distribute University Affairs' surveys for a longer yet more specific effort.

"The University Affairs' own survey has taken longer to form, but it's a more specific survey. Some councils like the [Douglass Governing Council] decided to go with our essay than to distribute theirs," Assembly University Affairs Chair Ben West said.

He said survey creation, distribution and analysis takes time and usually takes more than a month.

"If anything, the month time-frame approved by members of RUSA may have been too short. I do think that the effort behind this has been tremendous, however, and that I am looking forward to seeing what the results are," said West, a Rutgers College senior.

Council presidents spoke of their own efforts regarding the survey.

"We don't have a final count but once we go through everything it should be between 700 to 800 surveys we have completed," Busch Campus Council President Shaival Shah said.

He said main concerns were mostly transportation related, such as buses being too crowded, too many buses bunching together at the student center, not enough buses running on the weekends and potholes in parking lots.

"We had different tabling events," said Shah, a Rutgers College senior. "One big one was an ice cream social. [In regards to distribution,] each council member was responsible for 10 surveys of their own and going dorms, particularly the first-year ones."

College Avenue Council President Kacper Strak said that they created a Facebook page to compliment the survey distribution. He said they gave out more than 100.

"There's a couple of complaints. The switching of the EE [bus] has come up a couple times and parking has been a major complaint too," said Strak, a School of Arts and Sciences junior. "We didn't really do any tabling events but we personally went up to people and asked them to take a survey, and we did the Facebook route, as we felt that was more effective."

The DGC will collaborate with the University Affairs Committee instead of distributing the current survey, said Council President Jennifer Kanyamibwa, a Douglass College senior.

The information will be presented in next week's general body meeting, which will take place on Thursday at 7 p.m. in the Student Activities Center on the College Avenue campus.

Among the attendees will be University President Richard L. McCormick and Executive Vice President of Academic Affairs Philip J. Furmanski, Vice President of Student Affairs Greg Blimling, Vice President of Public Affairs Jeannine Larue and Vice President for Undergraduate Education Barry V. Qualls.

Cagri Ozuturk

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