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Everyone makes mistakes, even you

Normally, I commend students who have the courage to write for their   school newspaper, but after reading Jenna Greenfield's column of  October 13, "Partying to Oblivion," I was absolutely disgusted. For   the entire piece, Greenfield managed to lambast her peers on their   "sad, exceedingly pathetic existence," while apparently she leads a   life without fault. I understand her concern for students who may engage in unhealthy behaviors, but the way to create change within a   community is not to place blame upon the people themselves. Her piece   was also written in an extremely verbose manner, making it both   difficult to comprehend and not at all suited for its intended   audience to peruse lightly while eating lunch or riding the bus to   class. Jenna, I urge you to reconsider the harsh and demeaning words   you originally wrote because they are offensive and derogatory. You  are more than welcome to express your opinion, but until you can honestly say that you commit no wrongdoings, you do not have the   authority to condemn the actions of others. Those who live in glass   houses should not throw stones.

Elizabeth Percival is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and Spanish.

Elizabeth Percival

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