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Prove how powerful student voices are

 It's that time of the year to raise our voices in Trenton. I am not saying go out and protest in Trenton, but register to vote this week and vote on Nov. 3 for the governor's election. Last year was the first time young people voted more than people 65 and older, and that made us a big, powerful group of constituents. We have to prove that the 2008 election turnout was not a fluke. This election is as important as than the presidential election. Our voting ultimately affects student aid, finding jobs, putting money into the University budget and a lot more.I urge every student at the University to register to vote and go to the polls for this election. The deadline to register is next Tuesday, Oct. 13. Time is of the essence, so stop for two minutes and do it today! Many students registered last year, but should re-register if they've moved or would like to be able to vote near campus. A person can register wherever they currently reside, including the dorms. All students should also consider the "Vote by Mail" application, which allows you to mail in your ballot instead of going to the polls on a busy Tuesday. To register for either, stop by our voter registration tables all over campus this week. Tables will be near the student centers of Busch Wednesday, Livingston Thursday and College Avenue Thursday through Monday. It is time to make politicians pay attention to us! Mohit Bhake is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political science and economics.  

Mohit Bhake

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