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Site streamlines special event parking requests

Students will have an easier time obtaining parking permits for special events after recent Department of Transportation Web site improvements.

"Students simply need to go to the event parking section of the transportation department's Web site and fill out the form that is provided there," University Affairs Committee Chair Ben West said. "The Department of Transportation will then review their application and notify them of approval."

If they already have a yearly parking pass for their car and are approved for a student event parking permit, they will incur no charges, he said. If they do not have one, they will have to purchase a temporary parking pass after they are approved for the student event parking permit.

A student who does not have a regular parking pass on campus — but needs one due to certain circumstances — can go to the Department of Transportation Services Web site for a temporary pass. Someone cannot have more than three temporary permits per semester; it is valid for one to five days and costs $5 per day.

According to the Web site, the special events pass must be one time only for programs such as fundraisers, workshops or lectures. After the request is sent, it can take up to three business days. The permission will only be applicable for the time and location approved in the e-mail.

"This is something the groups have been looking forward to," said Rutgers University Student Assembly Chair Werner Born, a School of Engineering senior. "This will benefit the groups who have these large-scale events who need parking for distinguished guests, performers and even students who need to park for these events."

Director of the Department of Transportation Services Jack Molenaar said that the meeting between him and West was productive and professional.

"Based on that meeting was how we came up with the solution," he said. "Many times there are solutions, but it depends on the issue and how it impacts the rest of the University community."

According to the resolution, Transportation Services was very receptive and amenable to the concerns of the students.

"The meeting was very productive," West said. "[Molenaar] agreed to meet with me after he saw that many students in the University Affairs Committee online forum expressed concern because they were unsure about how to go about obtaining permits for student-sponsored events on campus."

Among the concerns was that the process was unclear, he said. They also discussed nearly 24 individual concerns that were raised in the forum, and the answers to those concerns are now posted in the Facebook group.

"This is a very popular issue that many RUSA representatives and especially Rutgers students are excited about, so I would expect that it has a fair chance of passing," West said. "If the assembly has further recommendations, I can always relay them to Jack Molenaar, who is very receptive to the concerns of students."

This is the University Affairs Committee's first piece of work during the semester, and they are pleased to have helped address this important student concern, he said. They will now introduce a resolution endorsing the changes of the RUDOTS Web site and the work of the University Affairs committee.

"This is something positive that will help a lot of students," Born said. "It's something beneficial that has already been accomplished in the first month for students."

Cagri Ozuturk

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