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Vote no to ward off divided New Brunswick

I am a full-time student at the University and have been a resident of New Brunswick for about half of my life. I have lived in different areas of the city: Raritan Gardens, Regency Manor, Harvey Street, Louis Street and Dewey Heights. My grandfather and my father's family were born and raised at 8th Street and Joyce Kilmer Avenue. I have seen and heard stories about the vast improvements in this city over the past few decades. These improvements have succeeded under the current form of the City Council. Wards will divide the city and make it harder for the improvements to continue.

In a previous article in The Daily Targum, the author stated that without a ward system, students "would just continue to pay parking fines and noise violations." Those that pay parking fines and noise violations will continue to do so if they break the rules with or without a ward system. I lived off campus and received parking tickets; I know how hard it is to park. But I paid my parking tickets and did not blame anyone else but myself.

I am voting NO for wards because I am a resident of New Brunswick and care about this city and the future of it. Of course there are still improvements to be made but implementing wards is not the way to achieve them. The current at-large system is what is best for the city as a whole.

By the way, whoever came onto my lawn and stole my "NO WARDS" sign, as well as many other people's signs, I would like them back. Do not break the law by trespassing and stealing in order to try and quiet the competition.

Megan Faust is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in marketing. 


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