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Busch engineers hi-tech events

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Visitors prepare to take a tour of a helicopter on last year's Rutgers Day on Busch campus. The event this year will feature engineering and science activities as well as sporting events.

For many University affiliates, Busch campus is most commonly known as the science and engineering campus. But on Rutgers Day, the University hopes to show that the campus has much more to offer.

Busch campus will not only strut its engineering, tech savvy and science skills this Rutgers Day, but it will show visitors the friendly and welcoming aspects of the University through engineering open house programs and science lectures, with the intention of spreading the University's "Jersey Roots, Global Reach" message.

"It's not only about Busch campus. It's about the entire University," said Busch Campus Dean Thomas Papathomas. "The take-home message is Rutgers provides services to the entire state. [Visitors] will see the excitement on campus, they will appreciate the benefit of having a research university that adds one more dimension to learning."

There will be open houses at the School of Engineering to show high school students, parent and general visitors what the school has to offer, Papathomas said.

Engineering Governing Council President Christine Ho said the council would assist orchestrating the open house. She hopes prospective students will have a chance to get a hands-on experience of what the University, specifically the School of Engineering has to offer.

"I hope that the prospective students get a taste of what Rutgers engineering is about," said Ho, a School of Engineering senior. "They get to see what Rutgers offers. They should get a feel of what Rutgers is, but especially for … science, engineering and technology."

The engineering quad will provide visitors a chance to ride a Segway and view a glass-blowing demonstration featuring student designs, according to a University Media Relations press release. Students will also put some of their innovations on display ranging from a tennis ball collector, a paint machine and an automated skateboard.

Any sports fans that hit the Busch campus turf on Rutgers Day will have a chance to catch several sports games, including the University's traditional Scarlet and White game at Rutgers Stadium.

But it does not end with just the Scarlet and White. Visitors can also see the women's lacrosse and softball teams play in Big East competitions and get a sneak peek at the 2010 men's and women's soccer teams as both teams play La Salle University in a spring doubleheader, according to the release.

Other activities include performances and lessons by the RU Salsa dance group and Unity Day, held at the Paul Robeson Cultural Center.

Phi Sigma Rho engineering sorority will also be at the event. Phi Sigma Rho member Paige Sackett said. The organization will make cotton candy and explain the science of the recipe.

"I hope visitors will learn scientific aspects about engineering … from a fun act," said Sackett, a School of Engineering junior.

Papathomas said the event should be an even bigger success than it was on its pilot year.

"I hope it will be even better than last year, even though last year was tremendously successful," he said. "I expect it to be much better than last year because we have one year under our belt."

Papathomas said one of the best aspects of the upcoming Rutgers Day is that it has become a great way to promote certain events that usually operated on their own, such as the Faraday Lecture, a lecture on physics accompanied by experimental demonstrations for children and adults.

"Now, it has been adapted for Rutgers Day," he said.

The program originally showcased during Christmas time and was mainly geared toward children, Papathomas said.

The dean said he would like to see a greater University alumni turnout this year so they can see the various research and initiatives the University is undergoing.

"I'm hoping that our alumni will come to see what Rutgers [has become]," he said. "The ‘Jersey roots, Global Reach' really is true at Rutgers."

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