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Council to conclude semester of service

The Busch Campus Council continued its practice of allocating funds to student organizations and dealing with campus concerns Tuesday night at the Busch Campus Center, in the midst of one of its last meetings this semester.

Council Parliamentarian Jonathan Nycz, a School of Engineering junior, reviewed the council's accomplishments this semester on a bittersweet note. He said if the new Rutgers University Student Assembly constitution is passed during its upcoming referendum, the council would likely not exist next year.

"The purpose of Busch Campus Council is to handle matters on Busch campus versus RUSA, which handles University-wide issues," Nycz said. "I think that something like the stress breaker event is important for Busch campus and isn't something that would really be tackled by RUSA."

The last official meeting of the council this semester will be held on April 13 at 8:15 p.m. at the Busch Campus Center in Room 120.

Council President Shaival Shah, a Rutgers College senior, detailed the council's allocations this semester and its resolutions about potholes, puddles and dirty bathrooms.

The council is still working on filling out a resolution to send University Facilities and Maintenance regarding areas on campus that tend to bloom puddles during rainy days, Shah said. The puddles are an inconvenience to students, he said.

"It becomes a safety issue, because it's hard for students to cross campus," Shah said. "If Facilities can somehow fix the infrastructure of the sidewalks so that even during rain it's still traversable, students wouldn't have to stretch their legs, jump over or walk around puddles."

The council also sent Facilities a resolution about poor restroom conditions on campus, he said.

Still, Shah acknowledged that students do contribute to the mess in many campus bathrooms.

Council Corresponding Secretary Krina Doshi, a School of Engineering junior, said the council requested increased maintenance during rush hours.

The council also helped bring a printing center to Busch Campus Center this semester, Doshi said.

"We're getting a new dishwasher at the dining hall because of our ‘What's On Your Mind Month' survey and event where people complained about cups in the dining halls," she said.

Facilities recently fixed a persistent puddle in front of the dining hall on campus because of a resolution the council passed earlier in the semester, Doshi said.

The council plans to hold a stress-relief event, Nycz said.

"We're trying to get study space, where we have some food, coffee, just a place to relax," he said.

The council plans to hold the event on May 2 from 12 p.m. to 4 p.m. at The Cove in the Busch Campus Center, Doshi said.

The council has distributed about $4,700 of its $5,000 in allocations to date, she said. The council funds student organizations, and organizations boost awareness of the council in return.

"We've sent representatives to every event that we co-sponsored," he said.

At the meeting Tuesday, the council approved resolutions allocating $525 for the Rutgers Engineers Without Border's Golf Outing event and $300 for the Biomedical Engineering Society's semi-annual barbecue.

According to a resolution, EWB's golf outing on April 23 aims to raise awareness about the organization and the worldwide water crisis. The event is open to students, family and friends of the University community for a fee which entitles purchasers to lunch, giveaways, range balls and golf carts, the resolution said.

School of Engineering junior David Pal, EWB's finance chair, said the event would cost $50 for students and $75 for non-students. Pal said to get a similar golf experience elsewhere, a person would have to shell out $150. Pal said money raised by the event would be used to fund travel and supplies for EWB's international projects.

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