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Referendum passes thanks to you

After months of advertising and reaching out to as many organizations and students on campus as possible, The Daily Targum Referendum has finally reached its conclusion. The process, which provides the Targum with a mandate from the students to remain independently funded through student fees, ended successfully, passing in all polling divisions.

First and foremost, thanks to all of the students who went out and voted yes. Also thanks to those who voted no for voicing their opinion, reminding us that we can always improve and keeping us humble before the student body. The process requires a number of yes votes equal to 25 percent plus one of the number of students in a division. Overall, we were able to poll 37 percent of the enrolled undergraduate student body, just 3 percent shy of our goal. So again, to all those who voted — especially those who voted yes — thank you.

Thanks to all the councils who passed resolutions to support the Referendum and urging students  to vote yes. It is this kind of mobilization and support that really allows this process to succeed, and thanks to the Rutgers University Student Assembly for their support as well.

A big thank you is due to the University for ensuring the process went as smoothly and according to guidelines. It is necessary to single out Don Heilman, assistant director for Student Affairs, who was extremely helpful during the process and always available for help when we needed it.

Finally, thank you to all of the students who help spread the message, staffed the polling locations and were responsible for organizing the campaign in each division. A big thanks to the Referendum Coordinator, Fotini Halkias, and her assistants who ran the entire Referendum successfully. This year set a new standard for leadership that the Targum hopes to see in years to come. To all the staff of the Targum — your support and aid in getting out the message to vote yes is greatly appreciated.

I would like to reflect for a moment on what this successful vote means. Many students do not realize that the Targum prints 17,000 copies of the paper Monday through Thursday and on Friday 15,000 copies. A daily paper with this type of circulation is no easy feat and it is a student-run publication responsible for being the historical documentation of the University. This paper will exist as a primary source far into the future of the University, and its continued independent existence will provide unbiased insight into the our University's past in years to come.

The Targum is also a learning institution offering experiences you cannot get in a classroom. It is the most available resource for students who want to go into journalism, as it allows them to get their foot in the door. It is also great for people who want their name published, want to interview and meet people all over the area and people who have an interest in photo or video looking to improve their skills, all anyone has to do is visit the editorial office at 26 Mine St. There are countless leadership opportunities for anyone who wants to dedicate themselves to the publication as well.

The Targum will diligently serve the University community for years to come, now without fear of interruption, thanks to the successful passage of the referendum.

Neil P. Kypers is editor-in-chief of The Daily Targum and a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in political science.

Neil P. Kypers

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