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Tiger's comeback is here

In the early morning hours following Thanksgiving, the man that seemed to have everything in the world had it all come to a crashing end. When Eldrick Woods' — better known as Tiger —black Cadillac SUV smacked into a tree outside his neighbor's home, it soon surfaced that it would be his golden boy image that took the most damage.

The public quickly came to know that Tiger had been cheating on his wife Elin Woods with more women than you can count on both hands. His infidelities dominated not only the sports world, but the entire news world. From TMZ to CNN, everyone had it covered and had something to say about it.

And I could not stand it.

What Woods did was wrong. There is no arguing that. There are few things worse that you can do to your significant other. While what Woods did was wrong, I don't care about it at all and am disgusted by how much so many people do.

The guy cheated on his wife. This day in age, that just seems to be what athletes do. It is ignorant to think Kobe Bryant and the hotel employee in Colorado was an anomaly. He just got caught.

Baseball and basketball players are constantly on the road with "jersey chasers" — women looking to sleep with athletes — in every city. If numbers ever came out of how many athletes cheat on their wife or girlfriend on the road and it would be astounding. Tiger said he felt entitled to do what he did because he was. When surrounded by beautiful women wanting to sleep with you is part of the lifestyle entitled to athletes.

And it is not just athletes. Politicians are just as guilty. Recently it was former Sen. John Edwards and no one forgets former President Bill Clinton. It is the society we live in.

Let's not forget the rich CEOs and rock stars either.

When you are in the position of a professional athlete, politician, wealthy CEO or rock star you have the ability to get with more beautiful women than your average Joe could ever even imagine. It comes with the territory. The public just does not hear about it while the media turns a blind eye to it, as they should, until someone gets caught.

The only thing Tiger did wrong was say "I do" to Elin in November of 2003 and not follow everything he said he would do.

What Tiger did hurt no one but himself, his wife, his children, his mother and his wife's family. So what unfolded that night in November is no one's business but theirs. The details of Tigers infidelities, his treatment and state of his marriage is something the public should leave alone.

Tiger has not talked much about the incident and never will. Despite his fame he's never been one that is very open to the media. While people are enthralled by what happened they are just going to have to speculate. As Tiger has said countless times, it is between him and his wife and that is how it should be.

Things about an athlete's personal life that are not illegal in the eyes of the judicial system, such as Tiger's adultery, is something they should keep behind closed doors. Hopefully after facing the press this Monday and his return to golf with the Masters yesterday, the media begins to do that.

There's been speculation that Tiger chose to come back for the Masters because there would be a controlled environment with fans and the media. While that is a valid argument, Tiger is coming back now because it is the first major tournament of the season, and at this point it his career it is all about winning the majors.

Through his dominance Tiger transcends his sport and for good reason. I for one do not watch golf. I watch Tiger in a red shirt because there is nothing like watching Tiger go to work on Sundays. As good of a closer as Mariano Rivera is for baseball, or Michael Jordan was for basketball or Joe Montana was for football, Tiger is in a class of his own. Countless times players have crumbled on the back nine knowing Tiger's on their tail and when ahead, Tiger doesn't give up leads.

Coming back and winning the Masters after a four and a half month hiatus will be no easy feat. But when it comes to Tiger against the field, I am taking Tiger every time no matter the circumstances. This is the same guy that won a US Open on one knee.

Golf is more of a mental game than any other sport — hence why players fold knowing Tiger has them in his crosshairs. So if Tiger played as well as he did, knowing he had this secret from the entire world that could come out at anytime, something tells me he is going to do even better with everything out in the open.

The golf course is Tiger's sanctuary and while he is likely going to be a bit rusty, as long as he makes the cut there is no way you can count him out.

There is no better way for Tiger to start to make people forget about his infidelities than by winning (You don't hear Bryant's sexual assault case talked about anymore).

I will be rooting for Tiger to put on the green jacket Sunday. Some think it is going to be the toughest event he will ever play given the circumstances and would say that for once, Tiger's a long shot to win. But after what has unfolded over the last four and a half months a few rounds of golf is just what Tiger needs. And after enduring what he has, doesn't winning a major just seem easier than ever before?

Matt Sugam is a School of Arts and Sciences junior majoring in journalism and media studies and sociology.

Matt Sugam

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