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Knights weigh in: Louis Brown Athletic Center vs. College Ave Gym

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Sophomore Scott Winston:


"I'm personally a fan of the College Ave. Gym. I love wrestling at the Barn. I like the fact that everyone is kind of on top of you. I mean, [Goodale] likes coming over to the RAC and a bunch of other guys get all fired up about it. As long as we fill the stands like we did against Rider my freshman year and like we did last year against Virginia, then I'll be pretty excited." 


Photo: Andrew Howard  

Head coach Scott Goodale:


"Oh man, I don't know. The RAC is a special place. We win at the RAC so let's keep going there. But the Barn is a pretty cool atmosphere."


Senior DJ Russo:


"If we can make a reasonable dent in the seating, then I'd say the RAC. You don't want a couple of hundred people at the RAC. It would look dismal. But from what I've seen, we can get 1,000 people to 1,500 people here on average for a bad match."


"I think this program is getting to the point where we've outgrown the College Ave gym. We filled this place for a Tuesday night Wrestle-Off, which is meaningless. And we filled it. This program is bigger than the College Ave. Gym."


Assistant coach John Leonardis


"When I used to field this question I'd always say that when [the Barn] is packed, we'll move over to the RAC. I think the RAC gives us a little bit more of a home court advantage with the band and the dance team and 5,000 fans. It's kind of intimidating to those other schools."


Assistant coach Cory Cooperman:


"I'd like to wrestle at the RAC packed. [The Barn] is such a unique environment though. When I was in college that's where I wrestled and I definitely felt it was weird because everybody is sort of on top of you."


"Everyone is going to say the RAC because it is a bigger venue and you want that. You want that 10,000 cheering and screaming. We get in people's heads when you have the band. That's a match. That's what wrestling deserves."

By A.J. Jankowski

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