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Cannolis, Karma, copy - oh my, good bye

For the past year, we have been the only people who read The Daily Targum from front to back every single day. Now we have passed the torch onto new copy editors, but before we leave, we have a few things to get off our chest. You probably don't care what we have to say, but we're funny — or at least we think we are — and our board cares. So if you want, you can skip to the crossword puzzle.

One horribly disappointing fact we have learned about our campus is that there are a lot of people filled with anger and hate who feel the best way to take it out is in the Targum pages. The racism embedded in the words of some of the submissions from columnists and letter writers in daily doses is disgusting. Every other week, we would dread seeing specific columns waiting to be copy-edited. So to you — those who blindly attack others while hiding behind the newspaper print — start listening and stop ranting, which leads us to our next point.

The constant back and forth between Israel and Palestine supporters is depressing. Not once throughout this whole year have we seen any positive change come from your attacks on each other. Regardless of where our own opinions lie, we have come to believe that actions speak louder than words. If we have learned anything from our favorite television show, the best way to resolve any controversy is to "get it in." So, try looking at it from a different position.

But none of this takes away from the positive experiences Targum has given us. We will never have a job where work and friendship are so intertwined. It is evidence in itself since we are writing a joint column because we love each other so much. Where else would we have been able to find each other: Two people from the same town who love Mouse Traps from Hansel, fist-pumping, tequila and cannolis. Crammed in our one-window office, this past year has given us much to be thankful for.

To the people in our lives who have put up with our absence, thanks for understanding that Targum is a social-life-killing job.

To the photo desk — We have worked so closely together this past year that it will be hard not to see you every day. Thanks for posting our lives on ramonandjovelle.tumblr.com. You win — you're definitely closer than us.

Jillian and Rashmee — We leave knowing our desk is in good hands although we think "Copy Cups" doesn't quite match up to "Copy Cannolis." Think of a new name, it will give you something to do while you're waiting for front.

Ariel — Thanks for always singing with me, lil' mermaid. Your snarky comments got us through the night.

Colleen — You are going to be president of the United States some day. Just remember to save two seats in your cabinet for us. We love you. Have some freakin' fun. GBT, over and out.

Devin — You definitely grew on us. Thanks for the apple, we hope there's more to come.

To the world's best boss — You are absolutely insane. There's really no one quite like you in this world. Thanks for keeping the office happy — and if not happy then at least always guessing.

Mary, Taylere and Kristine — We love women on top … of the masthead. Don't worry when things fall apart, you are all completely capable of putting it back together.

To the rest of the new board — Themed parties, birthday cakes and wall quotes make Targum time go by fast. Welcome to your new family.

Aleksi — We miss you, wish you were here for our last times together. Don't get too French.

Sports — Your desk is on-point. We've recognized it all along. Thanks for keeping us laughing and entertained. Barto and Ahern, don't piss off Dad too much. Alex, there's no one in the world that knows "The Office" like I do, except for you. You're one of the sane ones with a lot of heart.

Steve, stop getting red.

Nancy Santucci and Emily Borsetti are School of Arts and Sciences seniors and the former copy editors of The Daily Targum. They continue to love all things "Shore" and can tune in from home on Thursday nights instead of suffering in the sports corner. They walk slower with pulled muscles but still only dance with each other or Neil's cats. They trained two editors knowing they had to be replaced but realized that for those who struggle with names, that is unlikely to happen.

Emily Borsetti & Nancy Santucci

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