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'It's OK, can I just have a fry '

As I sit in my room and write this column, I am realizing some pretty amazing things: I am in my room, my phone is not vibrating out of control, I am not part of a BBM chat between three editors anymore, and I am not harassing writers for their stories or making out the story list in my head. Instead, I am in my room writing this, I am actually thinking about the work I need to do for class and searching for blog ideas to bring to my editor at my internship tomorrow. What can I say? Am I free, or what?

Not exactly. Yes, it is true that people will no longer look at me like I'm crazy in class because my phone vibrates a gazillion times, and I do not have to freak out when I know a story is not coming in and I have a huge hole to fill. But the truth is I now have an even bigger hole to fill. I know this might sound weird or cheesy, but I already miss The Daily Targum, and I miss all of my Targum peeps. I even caught myself almost walking there after class this week, because it's been part of my routine for three semesters.

I'm going to start off by telling the readers — if any of you are actually non-Targum people — that after you read this, I hope you will join the paper. We are always looking for people, and we need to keep the tradition alive. You never realize how smart and dedicated we all are to serving the University until you are part of it. It's also a great experience for your résumé and for your life in general — especially for your abdominal muscles. Yes that's right — because you'll laugh so hard at the things you go through at times and at the editors who let their bartenders shave their eyebrows. Come in and be a part of these silly inside jokes. I promise it gets better.

My first shout out is to Colleen and Devin. Without you both I will never have made it. You guys are the best, and you were truly what made the front page good. I just headlined and assigned, but you were the backbone of this paper. I will miss you both so much! Both of you will be famous news reporters some day, I can feel it.

To Mary, I will miss you a whole lot, because nobody realizes how funny you are until they sit right next to you or speak to you in Spanish. I'm so proud of you, and I think with all of your experience you will be the best editor-in-chief. One more thing — you will rap one day, because everything will send on time. Make sure you call Nancy to interpretive dance.

To Taylere, I am so impressed with how much you have grown from the "your mom" jokes to a very take-charge managing editor. I hope you still keep some of the jokes alive though, because they were always pretty funny. I will miss having class with you, and I will miss your silly headlines. I will never miss your crappy headline space though — just saying.

To Kristine Rosette, I love you! You are so smart and so talented and you do not realize it. Stop putting yourself down and saying you are bad at things all the time, because your strengths outweigh your weaknesses. Keep the front page looking beautiful and keep your associate news and section editors in check. One more thing — "Who dis? Dis The Beetles?"

To Nancy and Emily, I'm going to miss the brass tacks jokes and watching "Jersey Shore" together. I'm also going to miss walking home with Nancy and holding your hand while walking on the ice. Emily, I will never forget how I was afraid of you in the beginning, and I really hope your mom does not think I'm crazy after reading my wall quote.

To Neil, I have a confession: I think maintenance moved your stone. I just never told you. Who's going to get me coffee? And I will pluck your eyebrows — with the tweezers in the managing desk's broken vase.

To everyone else, including all of the newbies, I am so proud of you all, and I am sure 143 will be a great board. Best of luck to all of you!


Ariel Nagi is the outgoing news editor and a School of Arts and Sciences senior double majoring in journalism and media studies and English. She will now have no one to tell about that awful thing that happened to her witch's hat on Halloween and no one will care that she thinks Jesus created jobs, definitely not Obama. But when she walks in with food, someone might say, "It's OK, can I just have a fry?"

Ariel Nagi

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