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The Daily Targum enacts website policy

In order to better foster rational civil discourse, The Daily Targum has decided to change the policy regarding the posting of comments on our website. We believe that the comment system should be utilized in order to promote thoughtful discussion between readers in response to the various articles, letters, columns and op-ed pieces published on the site. Unfortunately, as our comment policy currently stands, there is room for people to abuse the comment system. The Targum's new system will require users to log in so they can no longer hide behind the veil of anonymity. Also, an editor must now approve comments before they are posted. These changes will be effective immediately.

The current version of the commenting system allows for people to post under any name they desire. We feel that this anonymity encourages readers to say hateful things to one another and about the writers of the pieces they are commenting on. The Targum does not condone these sorts of personal attacks on anyone. If you disagree with a person's viewpoints, you should approach that person civilly and engage in an open dialogue with them, rather than showering them with inappropriate insults. We are alarmed at how malicious some comments have been, and it seems the amount of malicious commentary is growing. We feel the best way to prevent the continued spread of hateful language is to more closely oversee the comment process.

We are also making these changes as a way to combat spam and to ensure that only people are posting comments — not automated bots. In much of the same way that we want to combat the spread of mean-spirited comments, we would also like to combat the spread of these spam comments, which do nothing but detract from the respectful dialogue we are seeking to encourage on our website.

At the same time, we would like to encourage readers to take advantage of the fact that our opinions section is always open to letters from our readers. We have noticed that many users have taken to posting long, well thought-out comments, which would serve as great letters to print in the paper. Part of the opinions section's purpose is to give students on campus a public voice, and we would be honored if more students wrote to us at eic@dailytargum.com. Remember, we are your campus paper. We are here for you. We are implementing these changes to better serve the University community.

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