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Fetal testimony proves no point

The so-called "Heartbeat Bill" is a piece of legislation proposed by Ohio state Rep. Lynn Wachtmann which would, if passed, make illegal abortions in any situation where the fetus has a demonstrable heartbeat. To show their support for the bill and sway opposing parties to their side, pro-life group Faith2Action has coordinated an almost cartoonish plan — to have a fetus testify in court. According to the Huffington Post, "The testimony … will consist of projecting an ultrasound image of the pregnant woman's uterus onto a screen in the courtroom. The image will also show the fetus' heartbeat in color." Quite frankly, we find this to be positively beyond absurd. It is a clear attempt by Faith2Action's members to go for the gut, rather than using rational thinking.

If anything, this fetal testimony seems like a mockery, detrimental to Faith2Action's cause. How many people are going to sit in the courtroom and seriously consider this projected sonogram as actual evidence? An image of a fetus' beating heart proves nothing about the fetus' right to life. After all, animals have beating hearts and we do not hesitate to kill them for food. Or consider criminals sentenced to the death penalty — do not they too have beating hearts? Does that beating heart automatically mean they have a right to life? Then again, it's a good thing that Faith2Action's fetal testimony plan is so unlikely to be taken seriously, as this "Heartbeat Bill" could strike serious damage to women's reproductive rights in Ohio.

Speaking of women's reproductive rights, this fetal testimony raises an important question that needs to be addressed: Where is the mother going to be during this testimony? Will she be in the court? Will she be allowed to give her own testimony? It is rather telling that Faith2Action's plan does not mention the pregnant woman at all. In choosing to ignore the woman's existence in favor of allowing the fetus to "testify," Faith2Action is valuing the fetus over the woman. This plan reduces the woman to nothing more than a vessel whose only purpose is to carry the fetus to term. But, of course, this is downright untrue. The pregnant woman is a human being herself, and in all their fighting for the fetus' "rights," pro-life groups such as Faith2Action tend to forget that. Why is it that it seems like, in situations such as this, pro-life groups are more concerned with potential humans than living ones?

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