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Idolizing 'Snooki' hinders culture

The Rutgers University Programming Association is bringing the one and only Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi to the University on Mar. 31, and the event is sure to draw a sizable chunk of the University's population out to the Livingston Student Center. Our original reaction to the announcement that RUPA was shelling out for Polizzi — although, they won't say exactly how much they are paying her for this appearance — was to be upset. The fact of the matter is that RUPA's job is to bring enjoyable events to the student population, and Polizzi's presence is already exciting people. What's depressing in this situation is not RUPA's choice to book Polizzi – it is the fact that so many people are so eager to see her.

The fact that Polizzi is such a big name at the University and in America in general says a lot about contemporary culture. The people we choose to idolize say a lot about who we are, and the fact that Polizzi is a major figure in the world does not bode well for us. We are not trying to be alarmists here, nor do we believe that America is currently in a "cultural dark age" or anything of that sort. Instead, what we are trying to point out is the fact that enjoying Polizzi's antics because she is as engrossing as a train wreck is not enough of an excuse. Car accidents can only hold people's attention for so long before they start to feel remorse for the people involved and regret for their perverse – albeit natural – interest in the accident. Why hasn't the regret or remorse over Polizzi kicked in yet, and how long does the world have to wait before it does?

It isn't that there is no hope for society. Rather, it is just that culture is currently in a rut. There are still people out there who are agitating for smarter, more fulfilling lifestyles. Of course, in order for the University – and America – to lift itself out of this aforementioned rut, people need to start heeding these calls and picking themselves up. No one is going to do it for us, and the longer Polizzi enjoys the spotlight, the worse we look.

All in all, this event is a win for RUPA, but a loss for society. Perhaps we are just out of touch with culture, but we firmly believe that there are better options out there in terms of whom we make our cultural heroes. Think about it: Here we are, students of the University, paying thousands of dollars to get a good education in order to be successful, and we are supporting someone like Polizzi, a woman who shot to stardom because of her seemingly incredible lack of intelligence or decorum.

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