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Week in review: laurels and darts

Following Judge Peter Doyne's ruling that Gov. Chris Christie's cuts from the education system left N.J. schools unable to provide their students with "thorough and efficient" education, the formidable Christie is refusing to back down. Rather than give schools the money they need, Christie is fighting the ruling — and he's pretty confident about his chances at winning. In his words, "My view is we're going to win in the Supreme Court. The state government can't print money." He has a point regarding the state's lack of money, and we definitely admire his desire to stick to his guns, but the fact of the matter remains that schools can't work properly without the money to do so. Therefore, we dart Christie for failing to take the court's advice or even reconsider his budget cut choices. The schools need at least some money, Christie.


Believe it or not, there are reasons to drink beer other than merely getting drunk. In fact, when you move past Natural Ice and Keystone, there's a whole wide world out there of beers that actually taste really good. That's why we're proud to be able to call Gene Muller, founder of Flying Fish Brewery Co., an alumnus of the University at Camden, because he is one of the people responsible for stocking liquor store shelves with delicious, finely crafted brews. Sure, Flying Fish may be more expensive than a six pack of Miller High Life, but indulging every once in a while isn't such a bad thing. Muller receives a laurel for starting a N.J. brewery that produces some of the best beers around. Also, we' re a little flattered that he's decided to make a Scarlet Ale.


There has been a lot of talk in recent days about the possibility of Donald Trump running for president — but why? What exactly could Trump bring to the United States, other than uncanny business smarts. His foreign policy plan of "screwing" over world leaders he doesn't like by renting them land and not letting them use it is childish, to say the least, and it's likely to make the rest of the world more upset at the United States than they were when former President George W. Bush was in charge. Hopefully, the talk of Trump's bid for presidency is nothing more than talk. If he actually ran and, god forbid, won the race, we have a feeling things would get pretty bad here in the states. Trump receives a dart for being a poor presidential candidate, and for actually entertaining all the suggestions of running.


"The jumper jumps out of the car and delivers the meals." This quote may sound like an over-excited kindergartener's take on the delivery process of Meals on Wheels, but it is actually the words of New Brunswick Mayor James Cahill. Cahill helped to deliver food to the elderly via Meals on Wheels on Tuesday, and we're pretty proud of our mayor for doing something selfless like this. We could be cynical and chalk it up to a publicity stunt and it very well could have been, but it is refreshing to see an elected official actually get out into the community and do something good for it with his own two hands. We give Cahill a laurel for being willing to directly lend a hand in making New Brunswick a better place.


Bad jokes aside, what the heck is up with the weather? Over Spring Break, residents of New Brunswick were treated to a few, if fleeting, beautiful days of sunny, shorts-wearing weather. Then the semester starts back up and we get treated to rain, hail, snow and plummeting temperatures. It may seem senseless to get mad at nature, but we kind of are right now. It's hard enough to come back to school after a week of freedom — does insult really need to be added to injury through awful weather conditions? We' re giving the weather a dart for seriously killing the campus' buzz. Maybe we're just being immature, but that doesn't change the fact we could really use some sunshine right about now.

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