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Do not undervalue Obama's 2012 bid

If you were a student at the University during the 2008 presidential race, you probably remember the positively explosive celebrations that erupted on election night after Barack Obama was declared the winner. Well, it looks like we'll potentially have the chance to throw yet another massive march down George Street in 2012, because Obama has unsurprisingly announced that he will run again. But, the question is this: After four years of Obama's somewhat disappointing administration, will we even want to celebrate if he wins another term?

Perhaps it is our fault that Obama has not lived up to our expectations during his first term. A lot of people, college students especially, found themselves swept up in his positive message and his charismatic presence. He seemed to us like a president who would finally understand what it was like to be young in America — and not just another old, rich white man looking out for his old, rich white male friends. He quickly reached savior status, and, really, who could have delivered on that?

Still, even if people did expect a lot of him, that does not mean that he couldn't have gotten at least a few things done. It seems like all Obama's talk of change and bipartisanship has resulted in, well, nothing. Recently, he launched a military intervention in Libya – something we never expected from a Nobel Peace Prize winner.

We do have hope for Obama's next term, though, mostly because it will be his final term. This will mean that he has nothing to lose. He will be able to stop placating all of his opponents. He will not be so beholden to approval ratings and the Democratic Party's plans for reelection. In short, Obama may find himself with the perfect conditions under which to finally turn change from theory into practice. For all of the follies of his first term, Obama may have a shot to not only recover from all of the criticism lobbed his way, but to actually convert his critics from detractors into believers. Given that all of the potential candidates the GOP has been offering are almost comically poor choices, we will be hoping for the best from Obama when it comes to the next election.

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