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Higher enrollment creates problems

As of right now, the University is on the path to seeing an increased enrollment for the upcoming academic year. While there is still time for this to change in either direction, the fact remains that the University has been steadily experiencing increased enrollment for the past few years. On the one hand, this seems like a good thing. More students means more tuition money, which could help combat the budget cuts the University has been suffering from. The unfortunate flip side of this equation is the side that often gets glossed over: More students also means the University will have to spend more to provide the necessary resources to these students. The University is essentially engaged in a vicious cycle — as more students come in with tuition dollars to make up for lost funds and budget cuts, the University has to cut more budgets in order to provide for these students, because it does not have enough money in the first place.

It may be that the University's enrollment keeps on increasing year after year because more and more qualified applicants are applying to the school. If that's the case, it's a great thing that the University is attracting such an academically apt student body. Regardless of why more students are coming, however, there are logistical problems that must be solved. Recall the housing crisis of 2008, in which the University had to rent out a hotel just to put roofs above all of their students' heads. Some unfortunate people even ended up living in lounges.

With more students comes more crises like the aforementioned lack of living spaces. Departments at the University are already suffering because of budget cuts. What will happen to these departments when they find themselves with limited funds and even more students than before? We can foresee overcrowded classrooms, which will act to the detriment of both the students in the classes and the professors teaching those classes. Busses are already a nightmare. Imagine how bad they could be with a double-digit increase in enrollment and not enough money to increase the bus fleet.

In short, there are some serious concerns that we have regarding how the University will provide for all of these incoming students. Class sizes cannot keep increasing forever, unless the University starts building the structures to house them and the classrooms to teach them in, as well as hiring a staff large enough to provide the sort of quality education they deserve.

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