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Laurels and darts

"Expository Writing": the bane of many a first-year student's existence. It was this dark reputation that spurred Michael Goeller, associate director of the Rutgers Writing Program, to direct "The Expos Five," a short film which follows five students' journeys through "Expository Writing." It's great to see someone take a creative approach to this universally maligned class. We think this film should be required viewing for any incoming students who are staring down the barrel of "Expository Writing." It's a great way for them to prepare themselves for both the highs and lows of learning how to write a college-level paper. We give Goeller and all the others involved in the making of a film laurels for approaching this legendary class from a new angle and making something truly enjoyable out of it.

The debate over the so-called millionaire tax has been raging for a while in New Jersey, playing out exactly as one would expect it to. The Republicans cry foul, while the Democrats assert the need for it. But according to a study coming from Princeton and Stanford Universities, there is no basis to the Republican claims that such a tax would drive out members of the upper tax brackets. The study in question looked at a similar tax increase in 2004 and found that a "negligible" number of millionaires fled New Jersey following the increase. However, this does not mean victory for the Democrats — the state Treasury asserts that records show that tax increases like the proposed millionaire's tax do nothing more than goad the millionaires in question into finding as many loopholes as possible, thus avoiding having to pay anyway. Our question is, given this information, why is this debate even happening? We give Republicans and Democrats both darts for wasting time on what amounts to a meaningless argument.

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