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Laurels and darts

Staying on your feet for 32 hours may not sound like a good time to many, but the members of Rutgers University Dance Marathon would disagree with that statement — and they have good reason to. This year's Dance Marathon, which took place over the past weekend, raised a record-breaking $380,351.10 for the Embrace Kids Foundation. Not only do the members of Dance Marathon deserve laurels for all of their great work in putting the event together, but so does every single one of the participants. We can safely say that Dance Marathon is one of the few times when staying upright for 32 hours straight is a thoroughly great idea.

Larry Klayman, an American activist and lawyer, is slapping Facebook and its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, with a $1 billion lawsuit for not taking down a page fast enough. The page in question, "Third Palestinian Intifada," called for Palestinians to start a violent uprising against Jewish people in Israel. We obviously agree that this page should have been taken down. Any group that calls for violence is a dangerous group, and it is Facebook's job to make sure such hate not be spewed on its pages. But we don't agree that Klayman has a good reason to sue Zuckerberg or Facebook. The page was removed once Facebook investigated it and deemed it violated the site's policies. It may have taken a few days, but Facebook had to follow all the necessary avenues in order to delete the page. For starting a meaningless lawsuit, we give Klayman a dart.

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