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McDonalds offers only 'McJobs'

In these grim economic times, a company that offers to hire 50,000 people in one day sounds like a godsend. Then you find out that company is McDonald's, and things start looking just as dark as they did before. The event will be held on April 19 and has been planned as the company's way of combating the use of the term "McJob," a word, which famously denotes a low-paying, dead-end position. Unfortunately for McDonald's, this event does little more than prove that McJob is a highly accurate term. Any company that can afford to hire 50,000 people in one day obviously is not looking to fill very prestigious or well paying positions.

Let's be honest — McDonald's is not looking for corporate hires. Rather, they are looking for cashiers and fry cooks. This may be good news for teenagers looking for summer jobs. But for the many adults who are still struggling to find work, this is hardly a boon. Very few people — if anyone at all — can support themselves on a McDonald's wage. The corporation brags that employees generally make more than minimum wage, but that's a misleading way to word it. Sure, employees may often make more than $8 an hour, but anyone who thinks that is a living wage is kidding themselves.

Remember that McDonald's is pretty much the inventor of the disposable worker and the assembly-line style restaurant. These jobs are not meant to be long-term or for the career-minded. They are temporary positions, with workers dropped and added on an as-needed basis. So not only do jobs at McDonald's typically pay poorly, but they are also far from the most secure positions on the market. The fact that McDonald's is looking for 50,000 workers in one day only proves this.

Sure, McDonald's is offering 50,000 jobs, but those jobs amount to very little. As much as the company may despise the term "McJob," it seems that it still applies to the positions the corporation offers. Perhaps they should have thought this through before they announced this hiring spree. We're certain no one at the University is jumping for joy because of this event. It's very little consolation to know that, while the job market may be in shambles, at least McDonald's is hiring.

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