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Daily review: laurels and darts


No one is immune from money troubles in this economy, least of all the University. Thankfully, however, there are people in the world who are willing to help our school out in its time of need. Take, for a very good example, the anonymous donor who gave the University the larges donation it has ever received: A staggering $27 million to help create 18 endowed chairs. This same anonymous individual is also responsible for giving the University its second largest donation as well, which was $13 million in 2008. This donor receives a laurel for their incredible selflessness, which is even more notable because of the decision to remain nameless. This person clearly is not giving the University money because they enjoy the glory. Rather, this person is someone with an abnormally kind disposition. We’d live in a better world if more people were as caring as this anonymous donor.


For a generally progressive state, New Jersey is adhering to some old-school notions of morality, decency and gender conventions. A state appeals panel ruled yesterday that Phoenix Feeley, a New York City woman, must keep her shirt on at the beach. Feeley was arrested in 2008 for refusing to don a top while sunbathing. She appealed the ruling on the grounds of gender equality — men don’t have to wear shirts, so why should women have to? — but judges asserted that women have to stay covered up in order to protect “the public’s moral sensibilities.” We don’t think that the female body is such a threat to morality, but we are apparently wrong in this case. The appeals panel receives a dart for its decision. New Jersey should take a cue from New York City, where women are allowed to go topless in public. Instead, we’re perpetuating gender inequality and turning the female body into something dangerous.

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