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Daily review: laurels and darts


This semester marks the beginning of Project Civility’s second year. For those of you who may not be aware of what it is — either because you’re new to the school, or because you spent last year actively avoiding the project — it is a University-wide initiative to foster kindness and respect. What makes Project Civility noteworthy is the fact that it is much more than just lip service. Through events, lectures, classes and more, the project actively engages with students on campus and pushes them to make real attempts to become civil people. We laurel Project Civility for all the good work it has done so far, and we look forward to the rest of what we’re sure will be another successful year.


Conservative media mogul Andrew Breitbart has some harsh words for labor unions at the Chicago tea party’s TeaCon 2011 Convention on Friday. In no roundabout way, Breitbart expressed his disgust by delivering a literal “f—- you” to “the unions, the Trumkas, the Hoffas.” It’s certainly okay to dislike the unions for an ideological reason, but to be so crass as to curse them out makes Breitbart seems like nothing more than a common thug. If you are a man of influence and importance delivering a speech to any congregation, decorum doesn’t hurt. Breitbart receives a dart for his conduct.

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