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Daily review: laurels and darts


The University has always been pretty good at utilizing new technologies for the benefit of the student population. Take, for example, the recent creation of Scarlet Apps, a new system of online tools, which students can use for email, a chat client and so forth. Scarlet Apps is the result of the marriage of myRutgers with a collection of Google services. Now, students can access Google Talk and Google Docs through their accounts on myRutgers, making it a far more interactive and useful platform than it was in the past. MyRutgers is not just for email anymore. We give the University a laurel for introducing Scarlet Apps.


Remember good old “Joe the Plumber,” Sen. John McCain’s, R-Ariz., campaign’s favorite icon of the average American during the 2008 election? Turns out he’s not quite done with his time in the spotlight. Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher — Joe’s real name — announced his candidacy for Congress in 2012 in Ohio’s Ninth District. The question is, why? What can Wurzelbacher bring to the congressional table, besides his experience with news stations after he was catapulted to stardom almost by accident? We dart Wurzelbacher for trying to outlive his five minutes of fame. It would be one thing if he had real political experience. Instead, he’s trying to jump straight into Congress, where some sort of knowledge of politics is required, we imagine.

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