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Daily review: laurels and darts

Washington became the first state to offer a minimum wage above $9 per hour. Starting Jan. 1, 2011, the state’s minimum wage will be $9.04. That’s $1.79 higher than the measly federal minimum of $7.25. Unlike that federal minimum wage, Washington’s minimum has been keeping pace with inflation and increasing costs of living. Opponents of raising the minimum wage usually argue that doing so will force companies to offer fewer jobs, since they would be required to pay their workers more. However, according to Jeff Johnson, president of the Washington State Labor Council, “Washington State has one of the highest rates of growth in small business and retail. [Increasing minimum wage] doesn’t seem to be stopping these people from creating new businesses.” Therefore, we laurel Washington for giving their workers better lives, and we’d like to see more states follow in their footsteps.


Unhappy with the Federal Communications Commission’s net neutrality rules, which prevent Internet service providers from privileging certain areas of content on the Web over others, Verizon Communications, has decided to sue. Frankly, we think Verizon’s decision to file laws speaks ill of their company’s priorities. We cannot figure out why they disagree with net neutrality, other than on the grounds that they want to interfere with the experiences of their users. We dart Verizon for failing to see why net neutrality is so important to maintaining a free and open Internet. The last thing we need is a corporation deciding what we can and cannot look at online.

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