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The Glen Ridge, N.J., natives of Real Estate offer up the opposite of a sophomore slump with Days. While very much the same tone as the band's first self-titled album, Days departs slightly from the beach rock subject matter of which the band is accustomed with an October release. Some of the album's songs were written using the same guitar chords as others, which may strike listeners at first as repetitive. But on subsequent listens, the simplicity of each song whisks the listener away to a carefree summer day of hanging out in the suburbs of New Jersey... a lifestyle of which the band members are all too familiar.

Take it from front man Martin Courtney, who nostalgically sings on the second track, "All those wasted miles/All those aimless drives/Our careless lifestyle/It was not so unwise." Throughout the album, layered guitar riffs and cycling rhythm keep listeners on track, evoking the essence of the "careless lifestyle."

An overall relaxing album, Days contains just one song without words to showcase the band's musical chops with "Kinder Blumen." But its melody and rhythm are certainly enough to carry the "take-it-easy" vibe that the band is trying to evoke. Another noteworthy track that is markedly different from the others is "Wonder Years," in which bassist Alex Bleeker takes the mic. He still succeeds in carrying on the ease while looking back at an old love, when he sings in his monotone voice, "But I'm not yours and you're not mine/No I'm not okay but I guess I'm doing fine."

Days is a perfect album to have playing in the background while studying as its vibe of simple guitars and rolling rhythms are easy to hear even when slightly tuning out. But while tuning in, listeners will enjoy the nostalgia of summer days, even during the chilly autumn months.

Amy Rowe

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