Local Corner: Artist Profile - M.O.B.B.

For some, music is just another art form, but for others it's a way of life. New Jersey's own M.O.B.B. is an example of a group who eats, sleeps and breathes music. The hip-hop group has generated a loyal and increasing fan base after releasing the debut mixtape, MOBB4U.com, earlier this year.

M.O.B.B (Movement of Big Bosses) is made-up of five hometown friends from Plainfield, N.J. Brought together by their love for music, the M.O.B.B. roster consists of Akbar "Aki" Stembridge, Simon "Sinecal" Martinez, RU senior Kevin "Zig" Lacks, Eric "E.Hollywood" Hopkins and Ethan "Aud1o" Yap. All but Audlo are lyricists.

Inspired by personal experiences and songs from hip-hop greats like Jay-Z and Tupac, M.O.B.B. entangles aspirations, struggles and feel-good moments into a web of instrumentals in order to bring listeners what Yap calls "creative insanity".

"We try to keep creativity, originality and quality at the forefront of all our music. I think because we hold that standard, it puts us ahead of a lot of our competitors," commented Hopkins.

Don't expect a repetitive sound when listening to each lyricist. The group offers diverse rapping styles; Aki provides a "chill, laid-back style", E.Hollywood offers a "complex simplicity and humor", Sinecal has a "versatile metaphorical" delivery, Zig brings a "raw satirical" flow, while Audlo provides a "clever soulfulness" to the music.

"My goal is to create music that will make people feel good, while showing no matter what the situation is, we're all the masters of our own fates and the captains of our own souls," said Lacks.

Determined to get their music heard, M.O.B.B. is currently touring cities throughout the United States, making guest appearances on radio shows and continuously improving their craft. "We have each made sacrifices to progress this lifestyle that we aim for. Seeing it fail is not an option," said Yap.

Morgan Murrell

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