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Daily review: laurels and darts


Six employees of the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission have been arrested for producing and selling fake driver’s licenses and using the locations and equipment of the NJMVC to carry out their plans. NJMVC locations in Lodi, East Orange, Edison, Jersey City and North Bergen were involved in the complex ring. False IDs, especially ones as convincing as the licenses issued by the members of this ring, are dangerous things, as they allow their owners to fake their way into attaining credit cards, acquiring employment under false pretenses, and so on. We give all those involved in this scheme darts for abusing their positions as employees of the NJMVC.


In former CNN journalist Rebecca MacKinnon’s recent TEDtalk, she advocated for an especially salient issue. Given the recent worries over the Stop Online Piracy Act being debated in the U.S. Senate, MacKinnon calls for the public to resist the “sovereigns of cyberspace” and take the Internet back for themselves. MacKinnon points to the power which companies like Apple, Google and Facebook have gained over how almost everything runs on the web. With this power comes hoards of followers, all of whom believe enough in these companies to cede control of the Internet to them slowly but surely. MacKinnon is right. We “must work to make sure that the Internet, the geopolitical system and the international economy evolve in a way that serves everybody’s rights and interests, not just those of the most powerful one percent.” We give MacKinnon a laurel for her TEDtalk.

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