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Daily review: laurels and darts


The recent preservation of one of the largest remaining undeveloped properties in Raritan Township has been a serious accomplishment, according to town officials. After years of effort, a 108-acre portion of property consisting of farm fields, forests and scenic waterfalls has been set aside for recreational use. “There aren’t many chances to preserve a property in Raritan Township where you can go for a walk through woods and fields,” said Kate Buttolph, director of land acquisition and stewardship at Hunterdon Land Trust. We’d take it a step further and argue that there are not many chances to do this anywhere within the Garden State. For this, Raritan Township deserves a laurel. Land preservation is a top priority for many townships throughout New Jersey — and the preservation of this property is a step in the right direction.


Same-sex marriage in New Jersey may be one step away from becoming a reality — that is, unless Gov. Chris Christie has his say about it. N.J. Assembly Democrats said yesterday that they are confident they have the votes needed to pass legislation which would legalize same-sex marriage in the state, yet Christie has previously vowed to veto any legislation that comes to his desk regarding same-sex marriage. He instead proposes to put the decision through a state referendum. Our question is this — why should same-sex marriage legislation be treated any different from other legislation? If the votes are there, the bill should pass. In this case, the only thing preventing the legislation is Christie’s stubborn ideology. Christie deserves a dart for this.

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