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Daily review: laurels and darts


Rick Santorum has said some pretty outrageous things during his campaign for the GOP presidential nomination. Latest in this long list of sometimes offensive and sometimes irrational statements was his claim that prenatal testing results in abortion. Well, this, along with his argument that federally provided education was “anachronistic,” and that President Barack Obama’s policies are not “based on the Bible.” Santorum’s statements are so removed from reality that we’re astonished he’s still vying for a presidential nomination. We dart Santorum and each one of his outrageous remarks.


After a short the sabbatical, Steven Colbert has announced that his show, “The Colbert Report,” will resume production. Colbert justified his absence, explaining he had to tend to a family illness, which is totally understandable. We’re happy to hear he’ll be back though — Lord knows we’ve been deprived of his satirical genius for long enough (which includes a single missed episode, to be exact). We laurel the return of “The Colbert Report.” Welcome back, America’s ballsiest pundit.

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