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Do-It-Yourself: Bottle Cap Coasters


Courtesy of Danya Isom

Do you have old bottle caps lying around the house? If so, put them to good use by making stylish, practical bottle cap coasters! They are fast, easy and require very few materials to make. Put a few together for yourself, friends or family; everybody will love this new twist on boring old coasters!

Materials needed to make 1 coaster:

1) 8 bottle caps

2) A piece of cork board (to absorb the condensation)

3) A glue gun (can use super glue if you don't have a hot glue gun)


1) Cut the cork in a circle with a diameter of approximately four inches.

2) Organize the eight bottle caps with one in the middle and seven around the center in a circle.

3) Put hot glue (or super glue) on the base of the bottom of the bottle cap and place it on the desired position on the cork circle.

4) Wait for the glue to dry and enjoy!

Kara Hushon

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