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Eye On: Towers


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The world is dealt a harsh blow that quickly drives the human population into mass extinction. The main culprit behind this annihilation is not a nuclear holocaust but good ol' cell phones and the towers that transmit their waves. Jet Wintzer's Towers is a take on the classic, post-apocalyptic future film with a trippy twist.

A few years after the disaster strikes the world, a young woman named Pedal is living alone in a house deep in the woods. Each day, her morale drops as depression and loneliness strengthen their hold on her. One fateful day, a mysterious girl named Jane radios in on Pedal's CB. The two instantly hit it off. They share their survival experiences, discuss life and indulge in the abundant cocktail of drugs that Jane possesses. Jane decides to break Pedal out of her rut by taking her on a cross country road trip to the East Coast in search of the only radio DJ on the planet, the mysterious "Spectacle."

Towers has the unique feel of an acid rock-meets-indie music video. Backed up by a catchy soundtrack and intertwined with intoxicating camera effects, director Jet Wintzer gives the movie the feel of "seeing the end of the world through a counterculture perspective." The journey of self-discovery that the two main characters embark on is montaged in indie music video fashion. Beautiful, scenic shots of lush natural landscapes coupled with those of run-down houses and desolate locales provide for a very distinctive tone. While the apocalypse story line could be elaborated upon, the ultimate message of the movie is about the importance of love and camaraderie between people.

Towers is being featured at the 2012 US Super 8 Film & Digital Video Festival on Sunday February 19th at 7pm, in Voorhees Hall, room #105, on College Ave, at Rutgers University.

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