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Local bars expect large turnouts for Super Bowl Sunday

Bar and restaurant employees across New Brunswick have started preparations for this year’s Super Bowl, with hopes that local residents will come out Sunday to watch the New England Patriots take on the New York Giants.

The Olive Branch, located on 37 Bartlett St., originally planned to allow only private gatherings for the game. However, when a New York team officially qualified for the event, the decision was made to open the doors to all patrons, said Albert Adjei, Olive Branch manager.

Marwan Eid, general manager of Mike’s Courtside Bar and Grill on 1 Elm Row, said previous regular- and playoff-season football games were beneficial to the bar’s business, even though the Super Bowl brings in the biggest crowd.

Eid said he expects even more customers for this year’s Super Bowl, with many N.J. residents coming out to support a local team.

“Having a New York team really helps our business out,” Eid said.

Previous Super Bowls have always brought in crowds to Mike’s, and last year’s Super Bowl between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Green Bay Packers gave the bar a full house, Eid said.

“Every playoff game [so far] has been busy,” he said. “We already have reservations for Sunday.”

The George Street Ale House on 378 George St. will offer customers incentives during Sunday’s game, said Mike Zenuch, manager at the Ale House.

“We’ll have a free buffet and other specials [on Sunday],” Zenuch said.

The Golden Rail on 66 Easton Ave. will also be offering specials for their customers come Sunday, said Lorraine Spinelli, a Golden Rail employee.

“We’re having a Super Bowl party with a free buffet,” Spinelli said. “We’re also going to a have discounted drinks.”

Eid said as the anticipation for the football spectacle continues to grow, local residents would create a fun atmosphere that will be felt throughout New Brunswick.

“The game gives an upbeat attitude to the city,” he said.

Zenuch said he also thinks the game brings a change in tone for New Brunswick, and that people will come into the city looking for a good time.

Bryan Pawling, an employee at Mike’s, said he thinks Sunday would be a good opportunity for local residents to check out some of the spots that are open in their area.

“The game brings new customers out into the bars [in the city],” said Pawling, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences senior. “We expect it to be very busy on Sunday.”

If the Giants or the Jets are playing, the game usually helps business, he said.

Not every restaurant and bar will make noticeable changes in preparation for the game. Stuff Yer Face, a restaurant on 49 Easton Ave. does not have anything special planned beyond showing the game on television, said Shannon Roth, a Stuff Yer Face employee.

While bar and restaurant owners expect a large turnout come kickoff time, some people plan on staying home for the game.

“I’m having a small party with friends in my apartment,” said Janis Ikeda, a School of Social Work graduate student.

By Richard Conte

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