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Operator directs buses following RUPD?accident

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Wesley Thompson, operations manager for First Transit, monitors bus traffic approaching the Scott Hall bus stop on the College Avenue campus, where a student was hit by an RUPD car last week.

In response to the Sept. 19 accident that involved a Rutgers University Police Department car hitting a University student, administrators in the Department of Transportation Services are rethinking the way buses operate at the Scott Hall bus stop on College Avenue.

Wesley Thompson, an operations manager for First Transit, the company that provides the University buses, began directing buses approaching Scott Hall yesterday afternoon to stay to the left.

“We wanted to kind of create a safety zone with our buses,” he said. “We hold them back here, you know, because the line of cars and buses won’t be inclined to go around through the crosswalk.”

Jack Molenaar, director of the Department of Transportation Services, was also out yesterday afternoon surveying the area.

“We’re just making sure that the buses don’t create a sight-distance problem,” he said. “We want to see if there’s anything that we’re doing that caused [the accident] … we came out here and saw that our buses probably weren’t doing it the best way.”

Around 5:30 p.m. on Sept. 19, an RUPD officer struck a student from Wayne with his car while on duty.

Recordings of the incident include the student screaming loudly while the officer said the victim “just jumped between buses and hit the patrol car.”

He immediately called for an ambulance and leg splint to the scene, according to New Brunswick Today.

The New Brunswick Police Department is investigating the accident, but NBPD spokesman Capt. J.T. Miller was unavailable for comment before press time.

University spokesman Greg Trevor told New Brunswick Today the student was hospitalized at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital with a leg injury, as of Sept. 21.

Molenaar said his department is considering other options for the area, especially because in a little less than a year, construction will begin on Lot 8 for a building that includes retail and residential space.

“This is an opportunity … to look at even a total physical re-do of the road, and not just temporary measures,” he said. “You have to take advantage of construction opportunities.”

By Amy Rowe

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