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Professor’s identity struggle inspires fiction novel


Though he teaches computer science at the University, Sesh Venugopal said his childhood passion for creative writing led him to write “The Blind Spot,” a fiction book about family struggles and finding one’s identity.

Venugopal said the book walks readers through the lives of Sam, Krishna, Nancy and Carl, whose lives are met with sabotage, revenge and resentment.

“Basically, Sam’s identity is stolen through his computer,” he said. “Sam loses his job, most of his money and doesn’t find out until the story’s end that Carl was the one ruining his life, as revenge for Carl’s father’s abandonment.”

Venugopal said he decided to write the novel because he was dealing with his own struggles of finding an identity and a sense of belonging.

“The question what it means for me now, [is] to have left India and assimilate into American life for all these years, came to the forefront.” he said. “I started to think about who I am.”

Venugopal said since he was a child, he felt like two people living in one because of his love for creative writing and passion for math and science.

“I enjoyed math and science in high school and given that computer science was a new discipline then, it seemed like a really cool profession on which to make a living,” he said. “But before that, I liked to read a lot [of] stories as a kid.”

Venugopal said he immigrated to the United States from India in 1986 to pursue graduate studies in computer science. After earning his doctorate in 1993, he worked for various technology companies and lectured part time here before deciding in 2001 to teach computer science at this University full-time.

“It is like having another brain altogether,” he said. “In computer science, everything is structured, whereas in writing, you have to let things flow. I like doing both and find teaching to be computer science’s creative side.”

Venugopal said he plans on hosting book events in local libraries starting this coming February and hopes to write more stories in the future.

”Be honest and true to yourself,” he said. “Find what you really like and do it a lot.”

The book is available through digital download on Amazon.

By Wilson Conde

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