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Tyler, the Creator Explores and Expands His Musical Arsenal

Odd Future Records doubled its catalogue on Oct. 9, a day which saw the release of MellowHype’s “Numbers,” and Trash Talk’s “119.” MellowHype, a collaboration between rapper Hodgy Beats and producer Left Brain, has been part of the Odd Future rap collective since its inception. Trash Talk, the Sacramento-based hardcore punk band, is the first non-rap act to sign to Tyler, the Creator’s label.

MellowHype’s “Numbers” was first announced more than a year ago, but did not come to surface until a track from the album “La Bonita,” premiered in July. The album features all in-house, guest vocalists, including Frank Ocean, Mike G and Earl Sweatshirt. Frank Ocean’s presence on “Astro” — especially his work on the chorus — could be enough to make it a single. In addition, Mike G’s guest feature assures the fans he is working on music and staying “more awkward than Kristen Stewart.”

The production on “Numbers” is mostly composed of Left Brain’s beats from high school, but also contains guest production from Tyler, the Creator and Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger.

Hodgy Beats’ lyrics have improved on this outing — he flexes his vocabulary on “Untitled L” and “65/Breakfast.” Highlights of the album include Earl Sweatshirt’s guest verse on “P2,” the sinister vibe of “Monster” and the entirety of “Snare.”

On the other hand, there is Trash Talk, a band known for its energetic, intense live performances. “119” is the band’s major-label debut, written and recorded at its headquarters. The album features an expansion of Trash Talk’s gritty, hardcore punk sound. Instead of the rough, hard-hitting music that fans may have expected, the album sounds a bit lighter.

Songs like “Exile on Broadway” and “Apathy” sound experimental for Trash Talk, and have their roots in classic punk and grunge. Vocalist Lee Spielman’s high-pitched screams and yells lace the tracks together, especially on lead single, “F.E.B.N.”

Hodgy Beats and Tyler, the Creator jump in with guest verses on “Blossom & Burn,” marrying hip-hop and hardcore punk, resulting an enjoyable outcome. The album’s closer, “Dogman” captures the live energy of Trash Talk, characterized by Garrett Stevenson’s low guitar riffs, and Sam Bosson’s poise behind the drum kit.

Catch MellowHype and Trash Talk on the “Trash Wang East Coast Tour” in November, and make sure to pick up MellowHype’s “Numbers” and Trash Talk’s “119,” out now on Odd Future Records.

Ryan Lizotte

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