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New Jersey Film Festival Spring 2013 Preview


Courtesy of the New Jersey Film Festival

In addition to the many reasons to be excited about the New Year, 2013 marks the return of the New Jersey Film Festival. The festival will run from Jan. 25 to March 2 and will sport an impressive collection of feature films, documentaries, shorts and experimental flicks.

“Haunting Love”: Set in China, this movie implements moving cinematography to accentuate its horror narrative. A young woman attempts to end her life in response to her lover’s death, however her attempt is thwarted by unknown forces. On a different note, festival-goers can check out, “The Boyz of Summer.” This independent feature chronicles three childhood friends from New Jersey. Rocco, an art student, returns home, and is compelled to draw everything he sees. At the same time, friendships are put to the test as the three youths deal with their home lives. Those looking for a psychological trip should not overlook, “Seconds.” Directed by the king of psychological thrillers, John Frankenheimer, this film embraces Kafka-esque surrealism to tell the tale of a businessman who is given an opportunity to start a new corporation The corporation promises him a new face and body, but there are more sinister forces at work. The film’s eerie score and moving cinematography add to the already chilling tone.

The festival will also be screening some very original animated pictures. “Retrocognition,” meshes stills from photographs with audio bits from the WWII era to satirize and critique the classic American nuclear family. Those partial to the noir offbeat material should see “Nugatory.” This animated short draws influence from the work of Leo Rabkin, a 92-year-old artist from New York. Rabkin creates works of art with materials that some would call worthless, and instead uses them as ‘nugatory divagations.’ His creations are against the grain.

The festival is not short of documentaries. “Set for Life” is the story of three middle-aged Americans, who thought they were set for life. After the recession, they struggle to recover from the financial blow and fight to hang on to their homes, health insurance and families. This movie tells of a story that is typical of many families across the nation. “Beauty and the Breast” is an informative and uplifting documentary that illuminates the mysteries of breast cancer, while painting a heartfelt portrait of many women who survived the disease.

Alex Natanzon

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