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2013 United States Super 8 Film and Digital Video Festival Preview


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Anyone who loves films and enjoys seeing a wide selection of different movies, showcasing the talents of young filmmakers, would be remiss if they didn’t check out the 2013 Super 8 Film + Digital Video Festival. Even better, all genres of film are accepted at the festival. Inside Beat takes a look at a couple of short films that will be screened at the festival, which runs from Feb. 15-17 at the University.

‘The Transmission’

Directed by: Brian Lonano

A man sits home alone on a stormy night, drinking heavily from a bottle of absinthe. As he sips his sorrows away, the television set in front of him begins transmitting bizarre signals. In “old-school” horror style, the man’s dead wife materializes before him in a static-y afterglow and blames him for her death. “The Transmission,” while only six minutes long, feels like a lost mini-episode from “The Twilight Zone.” Shadowy overcasts and eerie camera shots create a chill-inducing gothic horror tone. The man’s character, in his bathrobe and with his casual, accepting attitude, is reminiscent of the classic Vincent Price horror films from the 1950s. “The Transmission” is a nice nod to a genre of horror — long since transformed but not forgotten.

‘Decapoda Shock’

Directed by: Javier Chillon

While exploring a foreign planet, an astronaut suffers a fatal accident that transforms him into an anthropomorphic lobster monster (think ’50s B-movie standards.) The unfortunate protagonist narrates everything that follows. After returning to Earth, the astronaut discovers that his family is missing. He meets up with his old mentor, who reveals, through an animated montage, the elaborate and sinister plot that their bosses used to dispose of him. The duo then hatches a plan to exact revenge. “Decapoda Shock” shows how an interesting, full story can be fleshed out in nine minutes and still be quite gratifying. The experimental film utilizes quick cuts and intense close-ups to underscore the plot’s weird and mysterious tone. The movie, however, is not quite a horror picture, but more of a tribute to the genre.. The funniest aspect of the film is the fame that our protagonist achieves after carrying out his revenge. Via montage, the astronaut explains how he receives a book deal, a spinoff cartoon series and talk show interviews, among other things. “Decapoda Shock” is an entertaining and stylized genre-blender.

Alex Natanzon

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