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Necessary points raised on evolution

Letters to the Editor

I was immensely pleased to read the letter in Wednesday’s issue of The Daily Targum. As someone with the multiple current roles of faculty member, staff member, graduate student and alumnus, I feel incredibly invested in this institution, and I get frustrated when I perceive students’ writing and/or speaking to be substandard.

The author’s argument, titled “Creationism has no merit” was well-thought-out and smartly set forth. His conclusion that “the history of creationism is the story of mankind’s ascent from darkness” was a nice summation.

Last week’s The New Yorker had an article on Galileo, who was punished by the Church because he advocated for the Copernican view of the solar system: “The Church wanted, as today’s intelligent designers now say, to be allowed to ‘teach the controversy’ — to teach the Copernican and Aristotelian views as rival hypotheses, both plausible, and unproved.”

Teaching the controversy is the platform that the anti-science and anti-intellectual mob uses to attempt to gain legitimacy for their antiquated beliefs. If some reactionary wanted to teach that women were intellectually inferior to men in a high school health class (despite scientific evidence that refutes that view), they might push for the school board to at least teach the controversy — that some people think that women are equals and that others do not, and that it is up for debate. These people seek to muddy the argument — to bring confusion where there once was sanity and clarity.

I would like to thank the author for an excellent letter, and for stoking the fires of my belief that we have some very capable undergraduates walking around here.

Frank L. Greenagel Jr. is a program coordinator and health educator in the School of Communication and Information and a graduate student in the Edward J. Bloustein School of Planning and Public Policy.

By Frank L. Greenagel Jr.

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