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Cutbacks unfair

Letter to Editor

Thank you for reporting the article on the Department of Psychology’s new testing format and its budget woes. I saw that I wasn’t the only one appreciating the article, but possibly the whole Department of Psychology.

I took an online exam today, and what I might say here might be contradicting to what I said in the article. It was not terrible. Because I have been taking linear online quizzes for two courses and I was taking the test in a nearly empty computer lab, these factors might have contributed to a pleasant test experience.

But the tests online are definitely different, and it takes time and preparation to get used to them. Professors should prepare their students by issuing online linear quizzes to get use to the format. Sakai needs to adjust to be able to handle more students logging in at the same time.

There are even talks that online tests would be conducted in the classrooms, as students would bring in their laptops — or wireless devices, but I don’t think any student should be subjected to taking an exam on their cell phone — and take the test in class. This way, professors can directly answer students’ questions and the linear format might not be needed. But even more preparation is needed — laptops need to be provided for students who do not have a wireless device or a suitable wireless device, and the classrooms need to have better Wi-Fi connections to sustain 200 students taking a test.

After speaking with Dr. Lee Jussim, chair of the department, I believe that the main issue should be focused on the budget problems. After all, that’s how the paper exams had to be eliminated. I would like to suggest that The Daily Targum report about the transparency of how tuition is being distributed around the University.

As Natan Santacruz noted in Thursday’s article, it is bothersome that millions were spent on the athletic department moving to a different conference, but the Department of Psychology is running on its reserve fund.

Other students and I cannot help but wonder where our tuition is going. Is it going to departments that are not academically related, like the Dining Halls, Department of Transportation or the Athletic Department?

Tracy Ng is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in sociology and psychology.

By Tracy Ng

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