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Satire requires a bigger message

Letter to the Editor

I liked where this article was going until I reached the conclusion. You had two different directions you could have gone in, and I have to say dear Targum, you dropped the ball — and you completely missed the point. This is not about not being able to swallow a “joke.” This is not about the proposed superiority that you suggest of the greek community. In fact, this isn’t about the greek community at all. This is about the irresponsibility of the media and its effect on social commentary. The Medium is a satirical newspaper — and yes, as you said, it is meant to “indiscriminately offend,” but this didn’t do that. Satire is supposed to surface society’s shortcomings and follies — it’s supposed to provide a constructive societal critique through literary devices such as irony and sarcasm. The Medium’s article was vacant of this. There is a distinct difference between writing something that is provocative and smart verses something that lacks taste and is just outright nasty and malicious — in case you were wondering, The Medium’s article falls under the latter. In their article, The Medium wasn’t just making fun of sorority girls — they were creating a commentary on women’s bodies and perpetuating this idea that there is some kind of standard or model that women need to adhere to in order to fit in or, in this case, to avoid being the punch line of some poorly written and tactless piece of “journalism.” They were reinforcing the negative. Where is the constructive social criticism in that? Where’s the humor? If nothing else, I think The Medium needs to do some self-reflecting and reframe their conception of “satire,” because they clearly have been heading in the wrong direction for quite some time now.

Megan Pickarski is a School of Arts and Sciences senior majoring in women and gender studies with a minor in philosophy.

By Megan Pickarski

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