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University must finally ban cage eggs

Letter to the editor

As someone who opposes cruelty to animals and cares deeply about the University’s reputation, I hope the University will remove battery cage eggs from campus dining halls, as outlined in The Daily Targum article, “University groups hold referendum for cage-free eggs” March 12.

It is hard to imagine anyone defending battery cages, which confine hens in tiny cages that are not conducive to lives worth living. I have seen video of these cages, and I simply can’t imagine anyone defending cramming five animals into tiny cages where they can’t even spread their wings. The cages destroy the animals’ bodies, and they lose their minds. It’s simply wrong, and Rutgers should not be associated with it.

Any further delay on this issue also puts us on the wrong side of an important historical movement away from support for this industrial cruelty: Hundreds of universities around the country, including nearby Princeton University, switched to cage-free eggs and egg products years ago, and one of America’s largest dining services providers, Bon Appetit, has committed to going exclusively cage-free.

I am proud the University’s students are standing up for compassion, and I hope that the administration and Dining Services will heed their call. It is long past time for the University to remove eggs from caged hens from our dining halls.


Gus Friedrich is the Dean Emeritus for the School of Communication and Information.

By Gus Friedrich

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