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Delafest does not reflect University values

Letter to the editor

Although I did not attend “Delafest,” since a 30-year-old man has no place being there, as a proud University alumnus I am saddened to see the reaction of University students featured in the media to the events.

Obviously, the small minority of students does not speak for the student body as a whole, but it appears as though many at the University do not want to take blame for their actions, but instead put the blame on the police for reacting the way they did. Again, as I wasn’t there I can only comment on the video and media footage I saw, but it seems to me that the police showed quite a lot of restraint in quelling what was essentially a mini riot. Students are quoted as saying “I think it was unwarranted. It was a nonviolent crowd,” or that “The fact that the police had to come in with riot shields and [pepper spraying] them was also ridiculous on their part.”

No, should the police have allowed this behavior to continue? Should they be subjected to bottles being thrown at them while having their orders ignored? Burning couches in the middle of the street next to a hospital, littering the street with glass bottles, blocking traffic and causing alarm and annoyance to local business owners and non-affiliated residents with their behavior is not a way to not draw police attention. The University does not operate in a bubble and students must realize that their actions have consequences. When people behave the way they did this weekend, the police will come in and restore order. Take responsibility for your actions when you screw up, or better yet, act in a way that will make you proud to take responsibility for your actions.

Ari Maas is a University alumnus.

By Ari Maas

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